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far too many......


Victorian corncrake in case

Ming dynasty (1364 - 1648 AD) storage jar

Edwardian oak tantallus

Chinese wooden temple figures

Song dynasty (960- 1279 AD) Qingbai granary or 'Dragon' jar - approx. 800 years old

an art nouvea vase and a Coalport blue fruit bowl

a set ogf 1930's Baccarat liquer glasses and an art nouveau WMF preserve dish

1940's Amboyna veneered dresing table (one of four matching bedroom pieces)

art deco dressing table set

Victorian wardrobe (one of three matching bedroom pieces)

wardrobe detail - veneer cut to imitate lion's face

1920's 'westminster-chime' mahogany wall clock - French

trench art from WW1 - Ypres and Lens battlefronts

1940's Bush bakelite radio (still works!)

art noveau metal on marble figures

art deco clock with garnitures (French)

Victorian oil lamp converted to electricity

Thai/Cambodian artefacts. Opium scale, weights and silver pipe. Beetlenut crusher, stone carving

pair of Victorian Ridgeway plates