Classic vehicles
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Leyland days


Welcome to Gordon’s Classics in Edinburgh! I have been involved in restoring classic vehicles for over 20 years now and more recently have been running a couple that I have actually managed to complete. Yes, they can take a long time! I also own an old Lister stationary engine and a pre-war Raleigh bicycle. Very sad indeed……


My first project was ASP 964, the 1935 Austin 10 Lichfield saloon. I acquired this basket case in 1980 (temporary insanity….or is it permanent). It was abandoned several times (house moves etc) plus at most major hurdles, but finally completed in 1998. Complete chassis, engine, body, paint and trim job carried out by myself with help from my long-suffering wife and a few thousand units of alcohol. Took ‘Best Austin’ and ‘Best in Show’ at the SVAEC annual rally, Kinross, 1999.

Meantime, in 1986,  a ‘friend?’ offered me KES 210 a 1957 Morris Minor 1000 saloon for a reasonable sum, so I bought it from him, ran it for a few weeks, then promptly dumped it in a garage for ten years while I tried to find bits for the Austin. I didn’t know at the time it would be ten years of course! I then purchased a convertible kit (identical to the original factory job) and chopped the roof off, replacing much of the rusty floor and sill sections at the same time. At least you can get all the bits for the Morris without trawling the country for years. The car was completed in 2000 and took ‘Best Tourer’ at the SMMOC annual rally, Melrose 2000. 

In 1999, I was offered a very rusty but low-mileage 1975 Rover 3500S for spares and this was duly stripped and all parts stored. I then came across a 1972 3500S which had a remarkably good body.  Currently stripped for restoration

The 1952  Royal Enfield 350 Bullet was bought, partly restored at Glamis in 1999. It’s since had some fairly major engine work but needs a fair bit more. It’s a real pleasure to ride


Austin shortly after it too far gone..?

chassis was remarkably good, engine/trans rebuilt

back on chassis at last

interior trimmed out

out for the day.!

Austin and Morris at Bankhead (trophies on bonnet)

Morris gets new floor/sills

engine back in


engine gets a rebuild

shell back to metal for repair

progress to date

nice bike..!

MGA summer 2008

MGA at Soutra Aisle 2008

MGB 1963 being prepared for 2009 season