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Welcome to Gordon & Shirley Wright's website, based in Colinton, Edinburgh, Scotland.  A bigger and better site, we hope you'll agree.  The previous one was well overdue a revamp.  A page on Colinton's history, a selection of new and old family photos, more interesting and detailed genealogy.........and much more.!        

We have a good number of old photos which have been scanned-in from the originals so please excuse the quality.  A number of them have been        processed through an image-editor to tidy them up a bit, but not all successfully..! 

Don't forget to have a look at some of the sub-pages you'll come across - these aren't listed in the links on the left.  Again, we'll add and update as  we go along, so check us out from time to time.  We've put back the feedback page which we removed as it was getting 'spammed' to death.  A common problem.  Feel free to leave your comments, good or bad.

Apart from the thumbnails at the top of this page, you can click on any photo to enlarge it - please remember the  back button (<-) after viewing each photo.

Happy browsing...!

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